Inner Party, Outer Party: Know to Whom you Speak
Posted on: 01/03/2018 04:54 AM

by John Young

I have an OBJECTIVE in mind, and how I achieve that objective – the rationale I provide – will vary with the audience.

To our readers, who represent a very perspicacious group of individuals, it seems quite obvious that “diversity” means “less white” and that Third World immigrants have been flooded into America to overwhelm us electorally in order to radically change our country.

But think for a moment about how we know this. Although, in some cases our rulers may actually state these objectives in out of the way places, for the most part we understand the nature of their objectives by looking at the results, and the fact that they continue the same programs after having more than adequate time to change them if the results were not to their liking.

To us, it is obvious that if a policy achieves a certain result, the continuation of that policy is evidence that the result is desired.

But most people don’t think like we do. In fact, most people pay more attention to words than results. This is not a new phenomenon in human experience – even in the Gospels, Jesus explains that you can judge evil by looking at results rather than words. (See Matthew 7:15-20). And Odin noted in the Havamal: “Men must speak of men's deeds, What happens may not be hidden. “

So it is not surprising to us that our enemies don’t gain their allies by telling the truth.

Think, for a moment, about what the combination of feminism and welfare statism have done to the black community in the United States – the sheer carnage. We – with eyes and historical knowledge -- know that this deadly combination has tripled the out-of-wedlock birthrate, and that out-of-wedlock birth is the single largest correlative factor to the crime that has young black men dying in droves. Think, for a moment, about the fact over a third of the black genes in this country have been aborted since the 1970’s.

Consider for a moment that the policies that cause this enormous level of damage to black people are championed by the very people who consistently garner 90% of the black vote.

Before you write this off as black people being stupid, I can give you numerous instances of the same thing being done to white people. Whether it was the minimum wage whose original purpose was to starve the least productive white people, or wars on behalf of Israel justified on the basis of weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist – and from which tens of thousands of white people came back dead, physically injured, or psychologically traumatized.

Politicians didn’t say to us: “we need the backing of AIPAC to win elections, so please sign up with the Army so you can go die for Israel.” Instead, they said we had to go to war preemptively in order to protect our families.

There are two different stories that pertain to any given policy: there is the story you tell to a largely uninformed electorate who form the outer party, and then there are the real reasons, kept within the inner party.

This has practical application to our own objectives and how we can achieve them. Notwithstanding the progressive red-pilling of increasing numbers of people, we are still small and hold relatively little power. And this makes sense because the status quo rewards our people – at an individual level – for doing what is harmful to European Americans collectively. And the status quo punishes our people economically in a rather profound way for publicly expressing pro-European-American sentiment – usually through loss of livelihood.

So although there are a lot of positive signs, and progress is being made, we are still small and still have relatively little power.

When someone like Hillary Clinton quite conspicuously and repeatedly leaves white men out of her circle of people deserving of care, she has the entire controlled media on her side to ignore that omission. When someone in the Obama administration allows terrorist attacks to occur because they have wasted their finite resources tracking harmless pro-European-American activists while Muslim extremists plot mayhem, the media won’t even notice.

But we don’t have that power. We don’t have that control. We don’t get to make those sorts of mistakes without it being noticed. We are still subject to Dynamic Silence in which our good deeds are ignored and anything that can be painted in a bad light is exaggerated and amplified.

And because of this, it is even more important for us to be careful of distinguishing between inner party and outer party.

A discussion I would have with a close friend and associate who shares my worldview and knowledge, such as Frank Roman or another EAU member, is not the same as the discussion I would have with a standard Democrat or Republican. A discussion I would have with a white person is not the same as the discussion I would have with a black person.

I have an OBJECTIVE in mind, and how I achieve that objective – the rationale I provide – will vary with the audience.

Pretend, that I want to shake up the media oligarchy. Now, you know what constitutes that oligarchy, so does Frank, and so do I. I don’t even have to say it. We know.

But to a soccer mom, instead of pointing out those details and expecting her to care, I will provide studies showing that TV literally harms the brains of her kids. THAT is something she cares about. To a normal conservative, I will instead describe the incredible concentration of power in a handful of individuals who prevent entry of competition, accompanied by their bias against Trump – and suggest these oligarchies should be broken up.

To a black person, I might point out that even though media talks a good game on race that every single media outlet is owned and controlled by people who all look like white men, and that perhaps this situation should be changes so that media ownership “looks like America.”

WE have an objective and we know the facts. This is information for the inner party. The outer party are people we will rally to our cause for a million reasons that are relevant to THEM.

Think back to the Clinton Coalition. This is EXACTLY how our enemies leverage power far greater than their numbers. And it is exactly what must be done, even to help people who will need to be helped in spite of their willful ignorance.

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