Immigrant Invasion: Whose Fault Is It Again?
Posted on: 06/25/2018 03:26 AM

Let's put the blame where it belongs.

by Frank Roman

Like many readers of Western Voices World News, I've been closely watching the Trump administration's practice of separating migrant children from their "parents" and putting them "in cages," which has generated an absolute nuthouse reaction from some of the loudest, most defective virtue preeners I've ever seen.

But what's been lost (or most likely ignored) on these anti-White cultists during this crisis, especially among the weepy-eyed television talkers, is the non-reaction from the government leaders of the Central American countries where the majority of these migrant offspring are coming from.

Indeed, where have these shysters been on the babies-in-cages matter, a situation borne out of their deliberate corruption or inability to curb the violence and poverty in their respective nations? Why haven't they left the comfortable confines of their leafy enclaves and stormed the concentration camps, er, I mean the detention centers on the American border?

Certainly there has been a little reaction from a few of them but nothing to write home about. Mexico's foreign minister said the practice is inhumane and cruel (while Mexico City has the largest slum in the Western hemisphere). Other Third World latrines such as Honduras and Guatemala offered a few luke warm scoldings, but didn't say much else. And while a few did have front page coverage of the neocon and progressive outrage in the US, they didn't say jack about why they themselves were the cause of this mass exodus.

Immigrant Invasion: Whose Fault Is It Again?

So obviously, the flawed governments of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are doing a piss poor job protecting their own kith and kin from drug-trafficking and gang violence. They are also failing miserably in creating solid institutions of education and a robust economy that would remove the motivation for the poorest and least educated to hire coyotes and be herded like cattle to an allegedly racist nation in the hopes these migrants will send back remittances to their pot holed countries while not having to educate them or create jobs. (Indeed, most White Americans are sick and tired of seeing the US slowly devolving into one giant Los Angeles.)

But you won't hear the screaming meemies complain about these weak reactions (or the deplorable conditions of those countries) because it would shift the blame away from president Trump, and their entire anti-Trump narrative would suddenly weaken and break. And let's not forget the explicitly hateful anti-White push on American soil to deliberately -- and with malice aforethought -- dilute and overthrow the European American stock for the sake of obtaining a non-white majority.

So as a matter of course, these Latin American countries and their leaders need to take responsibility for their own people. Better still they need to come and get them. But you can be sure no one in the press, human rights groups, or government will say it (but we just did).

It's ALL Trump-the-Nazi's fault that immigrant children are "ripped out of their mother's arms" and by extension the people who voted for him and it has to stay that way.

So there's that.

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