How to Compost your Partner
Posted on: 09/15/2017 08:22 PM

by John Young

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a news account on the radio about people being evacuated into shelters in advance of hurricane Harvey. In this account, the lady newscaster referred to "people bringing their partners and their children" into the shelter.

Now, everyone who has been paying attention knows that for quite some time, the chosen vernacular for homosexuals to refer to their romantic interests was "partner." So the term denoted a homosexual relationship. But this particular usage took the term to the next level -- where the term refers to all sorts of different relationships without distinction.

Now, let's talk compost.

Anyone who has done much gardening knows the value of compost because it is truly amazing stuff, holding nutrients in a biological matrix that will enrich soil and protect plants in myriad ways. But how is it made?

I could certainly go into lots of technical details, but the gist is that anything that was once alive, decomposes. Compost is the decomposed remains of things that were once alive. When you make compost, you can combine excrement, old animal carcasses, sawdust, old leaves, scraping from dinner plates, grass clippings and all sorts of stuff. As it all decomposes and melds together, you will know your compost is done when it looks uniform and you can no longer distinguish what it was made from.

Life is a force that runs contrary to entropy. Evolution of attributes such as high intelligence is also a force that runs contrary to entropy. Traditions that allow for the building of advanced civilizations -- such as patriarchy and monogamy -- run contrary to entropy.

Although entropy has many ways of being expressed scientifically, the gist is that everything has a tendency to move to the lowest possible energy state. Grass growing in my lawn is in a high energy state, whereas grass clippings in compost are in a low energy state. Ultimately, entropy returns us to the primordial ooze from which we came. Entropy is how your partner, mixed with sawdust, can become indistinguishable from chicken manure and grass clippings after about six months.

"Partners" are compost.

Although many modern leftists are guided to serve ends of global elites, at its core, modern leftism is violent advocacy for a surrender to entropy.

We see this in the cult of equalism, in which Sir Isaac Newton is not distinguished from an illiterate savage, or in which women are imagined to be as capable as men in combat. We see this in the endless attempts to explain away differences between peoples in terms of "privilege" and the absolute denial of provable biological realities -- while at the same time undertaking everything possible to harm or even extinct those most capable of saving them from their folly.

Leftist language follows certain patterns, and one of them is that it never adds specificity, certitude or distinction. Instead, it always subtracts details, resulting in less information so that distinctions disappear until an amorphous meaningless blob.

This is what the lady newscaster was doing.

A husband means something. We understand, viscerally, what a husband is and what makes a husband different from anybody else on earth. A wife is also someone with unique defining attributes and certain expectations and powers, so a wife means something.

Husbands and wives have a certain type of relationship that is unique, important and unlike other relationships.

There is a difference as well between people who are married, and people who are not. There is a very important difference in the level of commitment, the stability and longevity of that relationship, its suitability for giving children a good environment and the fact that these sorts of relationships are in large measure what makes the difference between living in a place with running water, and living in a mud hut.

And there is also a difference between heterosexual and homosexual relationships. The average heterosexual man has 6 sex partners in his life, whereas the average homosexual man has more than that in just six months. Although infidelity is an unfortunate fact of life, it is still considered a problem in heterosexual marriages, whereas it is practically an expectation within homosexual marriages. Heterosexual marriages by and large raise healthy well-adjusted children, while lesbian couples have abused male children by using medications to castrate them.

So there are some big differences here. And all those differences just magically disappear with "partners."

"Partners" is a surrender to entropy. It is a pathogenic drive for the destruction of civilization and it is anti-life. It is the reduction of vibrant and important differences to such a low energy state that it is indistinguishable from chicken manure and grass clippings.

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