How They Show Their Hate and Why We Must Fight
Posted on: 10/15/2017 07:59 AM

European Americans against society's blatant racial double standards.

by Frank Roman

As many of us know by now the reality of race in today's America depends more on the definition of reality than on the definition of race. The sociopath that says race is "only skin deep" is lying, as any experienced forensic expert will tell you. I mean, it wasn't all that long ago when our people understood the reality of race as set forth in our schools and universities. They also used to understand what it meant to be a European American in terms of unspoken knowledge; knowledge that was verified through their eyes and minds because of their surroundings and life experiences.

And truth be told our enemies fully understand the very same things. It's just that they don't want the Caucasian masses to get comfortable with such politically incorrect ideas, as it might get in the way of their divine effort to remake our country into the Marxist, multicultural paradigm they took in with their mother's milk -- which happens to include historically opposed movements in America such as miscegenation, political correctness and Third World colonization. Look at portions of Europe and the hell that leftist witchery has wrought to her shores and you will see corresponding story lines right here in North America.

Bottom line: It's all about controlling the only segment of society which poses the greatest threat to our enemies self serving ends. And how do they wield such control? I think we already know. We already know that most people would rather be burned at the stake or lined up and shot than suffer the accusation of racist, neo-Nazi, bigot, and other terms of slander. And since our enemies put this racial condition in place themselves, they know all too well that today's institutions will thereby slander, vilify and utterly marginalize any European American who attempts to take a similar position on their own behalf -- like non-white groups do.

The real haters operate in the court of predetermined public opinion and they rigged the jury a long time ago. One condition for mass acceptance of multiculturalism is that it must first be made into an image of neutrality and innocence, an image that came about almost overnight if you think about it. No one seems to notice that an America for European immigrants has been glibly reversed in the process, which is to say fewer European Americans and their influence is now not only fashionable but commercially desired.

So, when it comes to any manifestation of white racial identity, no matter how benign, here's what the enemies of our people do (in no particular order):

1) Create, exagerrate, and over-report white on non-white crime and then tie this bad news to white identity. At the same time, ignore or downplay non-white on white crimes no matter how violent.

2) Create the illusion of widespread hate by giving plenty of airtime to leftwing groups and individuals hostile toward Europeans and European Americans. Above all fail to report the true agendas of those groups by depicting them as mom and apple pie civil rights advocates.

3) Downplay, ignore and disparage lawful European American activists success everywhere you find it.

4) Pay tribute to in, sympathize with and mythologize America's perverts, liars and deconstructionists while implicitly vilifying morality.

5) Downplay the explicit nature of European America's generosity in response to natural disasters and war. Recast their motives as being somehow supremacist in nature.

6) Fill the nation's airwaves with uncertain and, sometimes, out-and-out lies about the activities of European American activists.

7) Give airtime and print coverage to leftist radicals and government officials who portray themselves as patriots.

8) Grant exposure to leftwing intellectuals and social scientists making anti-white statements. Present them as legitimate experts in their fields by publicizing their inaccurate or exaggerated findings but present those findings as truthful and non-biased.

9) Tightly control major news coverage of any pro Eurocentric protest you can find, whether it draws 100 people or 10,000 people, and concentrate on only the most unrefined participants of the protest.

10). Always ignore or downplay any and all serious issues Eurocentric activists are addressing, remembering it is not the reliability of finger pointing that counts in shaping public opinion, but the sincerity and sheer volume of finger pointing that does.

11) Play up racial relativism and the creation of widespread thankfulness for it by bringing in a law enforcement officer who is willing to impose racial relativism.

12) Deprive, silence and discredit any rational criticism put out Eurocentric groups as early as possible.

Now what? (Well, don't look for a magick formula or divine intervention.)

Can you imagine the discipline, time and energy it must take to systemically maintain this vast network of lies, obfuscation and contempt? While I'm sure there are many who could add even more enlightening explanations than I can, I believe we all understand the enormity of the problems we face as European American activists regardless of what organization or affiliation you support. In a world of split second phony images, immaterial and invisible as they are, we have to understand that those who pull the levers of power are distracting our people with these images and frightening the rest with intimidating propaganda. That's why it's imperative that you, member and supporter alike, now has to validate your acknowledged commitment to our people and start changing things for the better.

If you don't do what you can -- wherever you are -- with what you have, who will? To become a healthy nation again we have to to do many things in a different way as a people. The things we teach our children, and the way we teach them is directly connected to the nature of society, and we can certainly see the results of abdicating that responsibility to the state and the media, can't we? At least in many cases. The kind of government we want and the way the economy works is also directly tied into the conditioning and education of our young people, and if they fail because of our inaction or our laziness everything else will fail, too. That's why we have to take a radically different --a radically healthy-- position to the ethics that are governing America today no matter what vector or group you use to convey it. (Alleged "pro-white" psychopaths are not welcome, ok?)

And that's also why we stridently encourage our people to talk to and radicalize new people, to initiate activities -- and yes even controversy-- in their communities, to continue to establish a beach head against things that are yet to come. Those of us who are awakened know how to get people to think and to plan now for the day when we can begin to put into service changes that are beneficial to us. But we are well nigh approaching a deadly tipping point and the time for cowardice or inaction is no longer a luxury we can afford. Those days are over. Indeed, everything that we do right now, and everything that we do in the future must be guided by one concern and one concern only: will it aid European Americans to endure and to become strong again? Or shall we knuckle under to the soft Marxism we discussed above?

The choice is entirely up to you.

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