House With Confederate Flag Stormed in AL, Two (White) Males Beaten and Killed (Video)
Posted on: 08/07/2017 05:07 PM

The segregationists were right. A nation that allows this useless race to proliferate under a climate of fear is a dead nation. This is the end result of public policy that makes civil rights heroes out of criminals.

And by the way, this happened back in July and we're just now hearing about it?

On July 23rd, two black males stormed a home near Piedmont, AL. Two white males, a grandfather, and his grandson were beaten and shot to death. A female hid and was not found by the attackers. A Nissan Ultima was stolen and found burned a short distance away.

The victims are Joshua Moody, 23, and Travis Frost, 73.

Police have identified two black males and a black female who are suspects. Their names are Jeffrey Jamall Briskey, Rhimington Otarivs Johnson, and Sicondria Michala Carter.

Briskey and Carter were just captured at an Econo Lodge in Petersburg, VA.

House With Confederate Flag Stormed in AL, Two (White) Males Beaten and Killed (Video)

The day after the murders, Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said: “we don’t think this is just a random act.” However, no more information has been provided.

The victims had a Confederate flag on their porch. Piedmont is 85% white and only 10% black. The suspects are all from Anniston, AL, which is 52% black. The actual location of the home is in the Rabbittown community, which is about 95% white.

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