Hello White Man
Posted on: 08/13/2018 04:32 AM

We're watching you.

Hello, White man. We've seen you around.

We've seen you driving your new SUV with the made-in-China "Support Our Troops" ribbon proudly displayed on the rear window. We've seen you out and about wearing your favorite team jersey; stuffing your face with fast food as you get around the shopping mall for the twentieth time seeking that one shiny trifle that will make your consumer-driven life more fulfilling. We've heard you babbling into your "smart phone" about matters that can only be described as inconsequential to your reluctant audience nearby.

We've also heard your telephone calls to the neocon talk radio shows; how you admire our predominately White troops who face death and dismemberment in Afghanistan and Yemen so Shiites and Sunnis can someday become Democrats and Republicans--or something. We've seen you in the movie theaters being entertained by yet another Hollywood-created black hero dispatching the evil white villains. We've seen you at work discard the front page of the newspaper; ignoring even the slanted editorials and going straight for the brainless sports page.

We've heard how you self-importantly regurgitate the latest idiot box disinformation to your co-workers, knowing full well you have no real clue as to what you saw and heard. Or why you're even saying it. We've heard you pay lip service to affirmative action slogans as you slip a few dollars to some African relief fund, knowing full well that you live in an all-white neighborhood you believe will last forever.

But we who see you everyday, also know you have not yet approached the shadow of your own hypocrisy.

Does all that you think about revolve around a new car, absurd clothing, sports scores, and internet porn? Haven't you noticed the hordes of aliens taking over your nation, your schools, your shopping centers and universities? Haven't you ever wondered why otherwise healthy European-American men and women are more and more preferring the company and romance of non-whites in "hook-up" bars while your neighbor's teens -- or even your own -- are emulating black rappers and gangbangers? Were you even aware of the fact that our numerical white births are declining while those of non-whites are exploding? Have you not noticed the escalating proliferation of non-white ads and mixed race commercials, non-white athlete worship, and the insolent voices of vicious, non-white advocacy groups who want you to grovel before them but who thrive on the taxes you pay? Have you ever taken note of the political creatures in Washington DC who tell you in barely implicit terms how wonderful it will be when the US finally becomes non-white, and to say otherwise is "racist?"

When was the last time you spoke of these things -- and so many other issues -- with a fellow European-American and resolved to use whatever means necessary to try and right these wrongs? Nope, I didn't think you did. And that's the problem, fellow white man.

We are not all united, and if we are not careful we will be defeated thanks in large measure to your apathy and your fear of rocking the boat. Of course, I must be fair. Were it not for the nest of elected nation killers and their masters the corporate profit mongers, who are facilitating an unholy alliance of Marxism and Capitalism, they could have never achieved what we are seeing now were it not for the entrenched power, which those who came before us--the so-called "Greatest Generation"--allowed our enemies to develop. Now, we understand these kinds of big impersonal facts do not appear to affect you at the moment so why bother, right? Well, I've got some news for you: by working as racial comrades (in conjunction with a federal money supply) nearly all non-white groups seek to dominate an already powerless people who have been rendered impotent by hate crime laws, guilt, the myth of "white privilege," miscegenation propaganda, and unbridled obscenity.

By working as competing business partners in a steadily shrinking (and darkening) marketplace, nearly all American corporations seek to exploit your dwindling buying power by limiting your choices of goods and where you can get them. By working for the interests of the two above named entities, the mass media, which encompasses all, seeks to keep you distracted from your surroundings, disconnected from your heritage, apathetic about your future, and keeps you swimming in "white guilt." You see, they all have rules, and their regulations call for victory, dominance, and profit, and you are ordered to be a good American and follow them down the rabbit hole. During this process, your ability to feel empathy for your fellow European American and the issues that negatively affect them, has been replaced by the ability to be easily offended (and scared) should someone dare utter one syllable that expresses the slightest iota of group interest like non-whites do.

The enemy you refuse to see wants your children's country, if you even have any children; the country of those who came before you and built a nation out of a profoundly dangerous wilderness. However, since you are well on your way to becoming the smiling, global serf these faceless bureaucrats and hostile ethnic groups can only dream of, why should something of that magnitude have any impact at all upon your comfort zone? While some of your racial kinsmen are risking their very livelihoods and health, even being thrown into prison on trumped up charges by civil rights groups who have sponsored "hate crime" laws -- escalating crime rates, debauchery and corruption continue to progress unabated as the "new normal." But you wouldn't care even if you noticed. You're too wrapped upright now in the ongoing alleged Russian scandal that promises to keep you distracted for the next 2 years. You're too busy feeling sorry for your human replacement on the border who have had their children "ripped out of their mother's arms."

Yes, we know what has your attention.

America as it used to be, when her racial and cultural makeup were rooted in the best philosophies and laws which poured from the font of Europe, would have never tolerated such an ugly transformation as we are seeing today. Oh sure, we've always had our share of problems. Some of those issues were regional, some national. But those confrontations were an aberration and our nation's people were able to understand the disruption and take care of it. Things would right themselves one way or another -- whether it was a pretty sight or not. Therefore, your lack of racial identity, your lack of a historical framework, your lack of responsibility does not give you the freedom to ignore the death of your own people. When our day of reckoning comes, and may it come soon, we will know where you stood; and you will reap what you have sown.

Be not deceived. You're being watched.

For everyone else -- whom we can proudly call kinsmen because you've decided that today is not as important as tomorrow for the well being of our people -- welcome to EAU. We understand that you have long ago denied the state its absolute authority over your mind and heart. We understand that you believe our people are more than an objective existence and deserve to reach the stars as we were meant to. We know that you know in order for the globalists to attain domination, it is necessary for them to promote in you individual selfishness and nihilism; to downplay your devotion to family and cultural traditions, to inculcate cowardice and fear, and to downgrade your racial and national patriotism. We know that you do what you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are; even acknowledging your activities that are unaffiliated with EAU. And we know, through it all, you have resisted.

Hello, White man. We've seen you around, too.

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