Getting Ready for the Change
Posted on: 02/09/2018 05:07 AM

by John Young

Those who have been around a while know that warnings of our people being demographically submerged in their own countries have been issued for over 100 years. Whether it was Lothrop Stoddard's "Rising Tide of Color" written in 1920, Madison Grant's "Passing of the Great Race," George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1950's and 1960's, William Pierce in the 1970's through 1990's ... plenty of people with keen intellect and substantial education have recognized the danger and warned us of its coming. And they issued those warnings at substantial personal cost.

Though you might see modern educators or journalists -- or scientists whose jobs depend on it -- "debunking" these men or merely writing them off as "racists," these were all serious men with serious minds. Madison Grant graduated from Yale early, with honors -- long before our educational system was dumbed down. Lothrop Stoddard graduated from Harvard magna cum laude. George Lincoln Rockwell was a naval commander at a time when such ranks were only available to our best and brightest, and William Pierce was a PhD physicist.

These were all well-educated and intelligent men of wide learning and broad experience. They were far from merely ivory tower intellectuals, but men with a commitment to Western civilization and its people. Though, in hindsight, we might disagree with some of what they said or did, the validity and sincerity of their warnings is beyond question because those warnings are coming true right now.

Of course, European Americans United, through our members and through Frank Roman and I, have also issued these warnings. And just as with those who came before us, those warnings have been considered by some, and ignored by most.

And this is to be expected. It is a fact of human nature that Thomas Jefferson recognized so clearly that he put it right in the Declaration of Independence: we will tolerate evil so long as it is tolerable.

Of course, by the time it becomes intolerable, it will be too late to change matters democratically at a national level.

Most major cities in the United States are majority non-white already. A year ago, the majority of births in the United States were non-white. We have already reached the tipping point where, unless there is dramatic action at a national level to return non-whites to their homelands, our conversion to a majority non-white country is unavoidable.

Though President Trump is certainly making better efforts than his predecessors -- calling for an end to Chain Migration and the Diversity Lottery among other proposals, these alone are not enough. Right now, the differential in birthrates of those already in the country is enough to effectuate our demographic displacement.

A lot of factors are at work here.

The first and simplest is sheer greed on the part of people who want cheap labor. That is what brought slaves -- first European and then African -- to our shores and saddled us with race problems to this very day that should never have existed. Even now, that is a major driving force for both legal and illegal immigration -- whether it is a Mexican working in a slaughter house for $5 a day and living 5-people to a room with people alternating sleep-shifts in a bed, or coders imported from India at cut-rate wages who will be sent back if they dare to complain.

We like to think otherwise, but a large driving force for this going back to the very beginnings of the Industrial Revolution has been our mercantile classes wanting cheap labor. And since these classes are wealthy enough to insulate their immediate families from the social results, they simply don't care.

In most modern cases, it is a clear matter of privatizing the profits from cheap labor, but socializing the costs as these laborers draw public benefits in order to survive, with those benefits paid for via taxes from our shrinking paychecks.

Another major factor has been the influence of a subset of Jews in the political process. Driven by the fear that a racially homogeneous country would somehow become "Nazi" and mass-gas them, a certain subset of Jews has peddled influence quite effectively to overturn our original European-only immigration laws that had existed since before the Bill of Rights was even ratified. They succeeded in 1965 and since that time they have succeeded in birthright citizenship -- where anyone who happens to be here and gives birth, gives birth to an instant citizen, diversity lotteries, chain immigration and more.

Though this was initially peddled by organized Jewish groups, who were very successful due to the horror of World War II and a gullible public who feared repeating past mistakes, it was quickly seized upon by our native left wing as a way to change the politics of this country by changing its demography.

Today, other than the desire for cheap labor, it is the goal of power-hungry harpies like Elizabeth Warren to change the demographics of this country for the sole purpose of securing their power that they can use like third-world tyrants.

You see, you can predict the outcome of an election by demographics alone. If you know the demographics of a region, you know how an election will proceed and the only real variable is turn-out. Blacks in America vote 90%+ democrat. Hispanics vote 80%+ democrat. Jews and Asians vote 70%+ democrat. It is only white people who don't reliably completely vote democrat, although certain subsets of white people -- single women, gay activists, people employed directly or indirectly by government -- also reliably vote Democrat though by lesser margins.

The original Clinton Coalition as well as the Coalition of the Ascendant that brought Obama to power is composed of non-whites, gays, single women, government employees, etc. That coalition is large enough that already, unless the remaining white people vote completely as a block, modern elections have come down to razor thin margins. Don't forget that even in the last election, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

So the basic Democratic plan is to change the demography of the country in order to secure power, and they outright admitted this strategy in a leaked memo.

And you can see with the scandal of the wire taps on Trump just how quickly this country was transforming -- under just one presidency -- into a banana republic. To quickly recap, Hillary Clinton paid a firm that hired a guy who had worked for both the FBI and MI-5 to compile a scandalous fake dossier that would justify wiretapping Trump. The spy they hired also wrote a newspaper article extolling the virtues of the dossier he had compiled. The fake dossier and the newspaper article were used as justification to get a FISA warrant to wiretap a presidential candidate.

That's banana republic stuff right there. It's the kind of thing you expect in Venezuela, but not here. Or, at least, not in a white America.

Right now, Trump is buying us a reprieve in that the demographic shift is happening a bit more slowly than originally planned. But that is all.

In order to prevent that shift, we would have to ship back ALL of our illegal aliens, everyone on an H1-B visa, abolish birthright citizenship, jail anyone who hired an illegal alien, abolish the diversity lottery and abolish chain immigration as well as stop taking refugees and asylum seekers. If we did all of that AND rebuilt the American family so we'd have fewer single white people running around as voters, we'd have a chance. (Incidentally, when you write or call your Congress Critters, this paragraph contains exactly what you should demand of them.)

But unless the 2018 mid-term elections go extremely well, it's pretty unlikely we will get all of this. And because white people are divided due to self-interest of using government as an income source as well as some of us simply being misinformed, we don't block vote the way people from other ethnic groups do.

Unfortunately, you will not see white people block voting "so long as evil is tolerable."

There is already considerable evil that people do not realize. Analysis of the Color of Crime report indicates white people are victims of violent crimes at the hands of non-whites about one million times a year. But unless it happens to you personally or to a person you know first-hand, you are unlikely to hear about it because legacy media has long had a policy of not reporting these crimes because they "confirm negative stereotypes."

And a lot of our people live in majority non-white cities, and they never feel at risk because those cities are massively subsidized by the rest of the country, and because our people tend to live apart from the more ... um ... diverse elements. And we also have a powerful ability to lie to ourselves and express maladaptive altruism. I'm reminded of a story I read recently of a woman in Europe raped by a migrant who refused to report the rape for fear doing so would confirm stereotypes.

Our own government under Obama stopped collecting the race of the perpetrators of crimes -- just as the Swedish government has done -- in order to avoid people learning of the problems unless they experience them first-hand.

So the average white person is not even aware of what is bubbling under the surface, or the extreme danger awaiting them.

In Haiti, when the colonial powers abandoned their rule and gave the African slaves their freedom, they promptly slaughtered every single person on the island who was white or even of mixed race. In Zimbabwe today it is basically open season on white people. In South Africa, the remaining white people live in fear in fortified encampments.

What is waiting to happen goes far beyond the banana republic shenanigans of the Obama administration. In every single case in history where white people have relinquished power -- willingly or unwillingly -- to a majority non-white demographic, the results have been as I have described in other places. This pattern has held true for hundreds of years.

You can see hints of it already when Antifa mobs can attack peaceful white people exercising free speech with absolute immunity to prosecution, while a white person who simply defends himself from a violent attack using pepper spray is charged with serious crimes. Even though it may be technically illegal to physically attack a white person for having the audacity to exist, in many jurisdictions it is like jaywalking -- a crime that isn't prosecuted.

There are already a million violent attacks on white people every year.

What will it be like when white people effectively have no electoral power to enforce their rights as human beings?

You can already see the rhetoric openly on Twitter with emboldened leftists calling for our extermination. Articles calling for the destruction of our DNA, and calling our DNA an "abomination" are openly published in college newspapers.

It's coming.

For now, get in touch with our Congress Critters with your list of demands. It DOES make a difference -- not with all of them, but with some.

And stay tuned. There are ways to assure our survival in the trying times that will surely come, times when white people will have no choice but to vote as a block if they want to survive.

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