France Violence: Shocking Footage as "Teens" Attack Lady Intervening in Mass Brawl
Posted on: 02/18/2017 05:21 PM

Footage has emerged of "teens" involved in a violent brawl at a French train station after Marine Le Pen said she was “staggered” with the government inaction after destructive riots hit the capital.

("Teens" = Genetic dead ends from Somalia beating up actual humans.)

Widespread suburban rioting spilled into central Paris on Wednesday as hundreds went on a rampage over the alleged rape of a young black man by French police.

Far-right presidential candidate, Ms Le Pen, leader of the Front National, launched a petition on Twitter urging her followers to sign it and she used the hashtag #JesoutiensLaPolice, which means ‘I back the police’.

It is unknown whether this particular clip is part of the Paris violence, however it shows a group of teens brutally attacking one another, while on the platform of a train station. Several teens can be seen holding another male, while they senselessly beat him before he falls to the floor.

France Violence: Shocking Footage as "Teens" Attack Lady Intervening in Mass Brawl

On the floor, the teen is subjected to several ferocious kicks to the head and body before an older lady runs over to assist.

After she shoves one of the teens, the violent group turn their attention on her as one of them holds her by the neck as delivers a brutal blow to the head.

Another teen, whose face is obscured by a hood, then throws a second punch to the woman’s head before they leave her stumbling around the platform.

The video shared on social media is captioned: “Train stations are dangerous at night in France. Full of drug dealers.”

Bemoaning the lack of support for the police, the anti-immigrant Front National said: “In a context marked by the fight against Islamist terrorism, a state of emergency, riots in certain suburbs, we are staggered by the government’s silence and inaction.”

The government has made an appeal for calm as the riots show no signs of silencing.

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