Ethics as a Prerequisite of Victory
Posted on: 02/02/2018 03:39 PM

by John Young

"... genes and environment ... lead to culture, leads to politics."

Every once in a while, a project has me reviewing the founding documents of European Americans United, and finding again how relevant and important they are. Most recently, I have been working on a dark web portal for allowing people to join and collaborate.

A key element of people joining EAU is they must explicitly agree to adopt our code of Ethics, so I had to include it on a prominent page for all to see. Of course, it has always been featured on our organizational site as well, though for the past few years we have lacked the infrastructure for adding new members. Even so, all existing members are bound by that code ... for life.

In reviewing our Ethics, which I have included at the bottom for reference, I'd like to point out something really important that may not be obvious.

When most people think of "ethics" they think of a required college class where they are mostly taught that European Americans are bad, and that they shouldn't be "racist." At least, that's what ethics class in college was like for me. Or they may recall the academic ethics experts who get so tied up in their own logical knots that they conclude killing living, breathing children is okay because they lack some arbitrarily defined level of reason. Or maybe they recall an "ethics" clause pertaining to employment that essentially tells people that if they break the law in a way that brings harm to the company, they will be fired.

But NONE of these describe what the EAU Code of Ethics is about.

Let me digress a moment to set the stage. What is possible in politics (absent deception) is defined by what the culture will accept. And the culture of the people -- up until very recent times -- was defined by an interactive cooperation between genetics and environment. So genes and environment (which also cooperate) lead to culture, leads to politics.

Despite the fact that the modern age short-circuits the process by creating an artificial environment where cultural behaviors that would ordinarily be fatal can be advocated, you can still look all over the world and see this in action. You can literally see the huge difference in artistic sense between the European pre-Raphaelite artists and the paintings in China. You can literally see that in some cultures honor killing is essential while in others it is abhorrent.

So scroll down, read our Code of Ethics, then come back.

Our Code of Ethics does not merely define how an individual behaves or what is required or prohibited. Rather, it defines, in very clear terms, a CULTURE. It defines the culture of the class of leaders -- defined by their moral stature -- who can create and lead a culture by way of example.

We already have our genes -- we were born with them. The EAU Code of Ethics gives us -- European Americans -- a culture. And it is this culture, all by itself, that can and will swing politics where we need them to be.

Does that seem a bit simplistic to you?

Think a bit about the recent CNN reported "study" stating that cuckoldry (allowing some other man to have sex with your wife and perhaps sire offspring with her) is "good for some couples." As presented, that study makes it seem that if an ordinary relationship is a bit stale, it can be improved by permitting one's wife to sex up the pool boy.

But if you dig into the actual study upon which the article is based, you'll find something decidedly less mundane: all of the study participants -- every last one -- were gay men in gay "marriages." And it is well worth putting the word "marriages" in quotes there. The average gay man has literally thousands of sex partners in a lifetime and even when gay men "marry" each other, they still manage to have more sex partners in a year than the average heterosexual man has in a lifetime.

So the politics -- i.e. the policy of cuckoldry -- is actually pertinent to a rather specific culture -- that of "gay married" men -- and has absolutely zero pertinence or value to normal, stable, healthy European-American families.

When you have a culture that emphasizes beauty, you no longer have the National Endowment for the Arts funding degeneracy. When you have a culture that will elevate people based on merit and their own character, you no longer have a "race to the bottom." When you have a culture of truth, honesty and righteousness, you no longer have Wall Street stealing all the half-pennies.

A culture embodied by our Code of Ethics is not enough in and of itself to preserve and advance our Folk unless quite widely adopted, but it is an absolutely essential step on that path because WITHOUT such a culture, any gains we make will be quickly reverted.

There is a reason why our enemies are often called cultural Marxists -- and that is because they apply Marxist theory to culture, rather than class, in order to destroy culture as a path to implement their political program.

What we do here, through our members and those who adopt our ethics, is throw back the pernicious shadow of cultural Marxism with a bright light and a shining example that enables people to choose what is good, right, uplifting and REgenerating, and to reject all that is DEgenerate.

Culture is a powerful force, and we can re-adopt a culture consistent with the preservation and advancement of our folk, starting with you.

EAU Code of Ethics

As an organization dedicated to the preservation and exaltation of classical European values, we ask that our members and leaders maintain or develop a personal moral code germane to and reconcilable with that ancient value system. Generally, we respect our members’ liberty to conduct themselves as they wish, so long as their behavior does not potentially harm or bring disgrace upon themselves, our organization, or our people as a whole.Ethics

The plight of our people demands members who can devote themselves to honorable lives and deeds; we neither have the time nor the interest to work with those who cannot live by the principles for which we fight daily. Therefore, we expect our members to have pride in themselves, their family, and their race, and to always conduct themselves accordingly; we expect our members to value truth and righteousness and to be genuine and fair in all their dealings; we expect our members to value beauty, discipline, and progress and to strive to create and/or maintain distinctively impressive standards in art, education, and their professions; we expect our members to work for social justice and to respect and afford opportunity to their peers based not on their class or creed, but instead on their moral character and personal achievement; we expect our members to set a positive, productive example for their family and community in all of their manners and behaviors, including the maintenance of their physical appearance and their choice of acquaintances and personal habits; we expect our members to advance their education or employment in such a way that will enrich themselves and, by extension, benefit the organization and our people; we expect our members to respect and preserve the natural environment and to strive for its protection and restoration; ultimately, we expect our members to consider the welfare of their people and the impact thereunto of all their deeds, speech, and advocacies.

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