Don’t Identify as Human, Whitey
Posted on: 11/19/2018 04:12 AM

Media is in the hands of people who hate you beyond your capacity to understand.

by H. Millard

WHITES ARE being erased.

We see it in advertising and movies where it is nigh on impossible these days to see only Whites. Almost every ad and every movie now must look like the Star Wars Bar in order to pass the PC censors. And we see it on product labels. I wrote an essay several years ago about how the fictional character Betty Crocker was gradually turning non-White on product labels. We also see this happening in the removal of White historical figures and images and the rewriting of history. (If you came here from another planet, you might believe that the Black “Tuskegee Airmen” practically won the Second World War on their own.) And, even worse, we see it in our once-White cities each and every day, all around us, as they get browner and browner.

How are the Blenders (the evil, genocidal, White-hating scum of the Earth) getting away with it? Easy. Too many Whites identify as “human” or as “Christian” and not as White. Alternatively, some Whites primarily identify as Irish or English or French, etc.

The problem is one of identity.

If you accept a too broad (human), or a too narrow (Irish, etc.), or a too religious (Christian) identity as your primary identity, instead of your correct identity as a White, you leave your subconscious open to alienation from who and what you are by birth. And, if you do that, you are on the path to miscegenation and genocide.

So let’s get this straight about who you really are, Whitey. If you are a non-Jewish White person, born of two pure White parents and four pure White grandparents, your primary identity is White. You are White. Anything else is a secondary identity and should never trump your Whiteness. You are not mainly a “Western” man or woman; you are a White man or woman. You are not primarily a Christian person, you are a White person. You are not even narrowly a European person: You are a White person.

If you are a White person as I just defined it, your most important and essential identity comes from your birth, no matter where you were born or where you live and no matter your politics or your religion or anything else. You are your internal DNA code — that is the recipe that makes you you. If your internal DNA code reads: non-Jewish White person, that’s who you are and you can’t change it — even if you hate yourself and other Whites (which is what the haters of Whites want you to do). But if you are really neurotic and really hate your Whiteness, you can commit genocidal suicide of your family line by miscegenating. Why, just mate with any type of non-White and within nine months you will have erased Whiteness from your family line. You will be the last White in your line. Congratulations, scumbag. You just erased millions of years of evolution and you’ve started the devolution of your family as it heads back to Africa, metaphorically speaking.

Here’s what each of us Whites must do: We must put our Whiteness above all else. Nothing should trump this as our most important identity. We are brothers and sisters with our fellow Whites no matter where they live on the planet. We are one people — the White people of this dark planet. Where we exist in large numbers, there is goodness and light. Where we do not, there is evil and darkness. We must not identify too broadly as “human,” or too narrowly as mere nationalities. In the first instance, that makes us falsely believe we are the same as all other humans — we are not, not by a long shot. And in the second instance, we become fragmented and fail to see ourselves as part of a great people — the White people of this Earth — which is what we really are.

We must also not let our religious beliefs trump our Whiteness. I once had an exchange with a so-called White nationalist who was also a Christian. I asked him if he would rather let a non-Christian White (an atheist or a pagan, etc.) — or a Black Christian — marry his White daughter. He said he’d accept the Black Christian over the White atheist or pagan. Big mistake. This guy was clearly screwed up in his view of what is really important in life and in his identity. Don’t be like him.

Be who and what you are born to be, Whitey. And ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

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