Canada: The Faces of Antifa That YouTube Doesn’t Want You to See
Posted on: 06/07/2017 03:22 PM

There are enough evil Whites who go along with the Islamic agenda for their own profit and benefit but there are probably even more who are just plain stupid. While we can't read these people's hearts or minds, but given their position, we'd say they are more likely of the evil AND stupid variety.

There has to be a remedy. Soon.

Over the weekend we covered the demonstration at Parliament Hill in Ottawa (VIDEO), where opponents of the M-103 anti-blasphemy motion gathered to protest the encroachment of sharia in Canada and declare their support for free speech. Predictably, the “anti-fascists” came out in even greater numbers to confront the peaceful protestors, and there were at least two significant incidents of violence.

One of them, as I mentioned earlier today, was an attack on the journalist Kevin J. Johnston, who nearly lost the top of his ear to an antifa knife. His cameraman was beaten and seriously injured.

As I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, a reader who was at Parliament Hill on Saturday sent us some photos. Later that night she sent an additional tranche of high-resolution pictures she took that day. Vlad Tepes composited them into a video that showed close-ups of the faces of some of the antifas.

A few hours later YouTube took that video down, saying that it “violated community guidelines”. If I understand it correctly, the nature of the violation was that the footage constituted harassment of the people in the photos, or perhaps stalking or something like that.

Designating those images as “harassment” makes no sense. I’ll explain why.

Canada: The Faces of Antifa That YouTube Doesn’t Want You to See

If you watched Mr. Johnston’s video, you will have seen him show a photo of a young male antifa who was harassing passersby that day. The journalist followed him to a nest of antifas, who then proceeded to beat up the two “fascists”. Mr. Johnston is now appealing to his audience to help him identify the young pamphleteer, because the latter is directly connected with the group that sent the two men to the hospital.

As it happens, the pamphleteer Mr. Johnston encountered is in the batch of photos that was sent to us, and was in the video that was taken down. The young man appears in company with various other antifas in these photos. This means there is at least one person in these images who conspired with people who committed an act of felonious violence against the persons of Kevin J. Johnston and his cameraman.

In other words, posting these photos is no more “harassment” than when a newspaper publishes a CCTV still of a suspected bank robber with the caption: “If you think you have seen this man, please contact the police.”

As a public service, we are doing the same thing here at Gates of Vienna. I have chosen a representative selection of photos of antifa people from Saturday’s event who associated with one another and with the pamphleteer. Please study them. If you think you can identify any of them, I urge you to contact the Ottawa Police or the RCMP. Even if they were not among the conspirators, they almost certainly witnessed what happened that day.

These are fairly high-resolution images, and may load slowly, so I’ve only placed four of them above the jump. If you live in Ottawa or were on Parliament Hill last Saturday, please click through and take a look at the rest.

If the above doesn’t apply to you, please spread these images to other people who might have been there. The only way these photos can be taken down is if we come under DDOS attack, which is not beyond the realm of possibility. For that reason, making copies of the photos and posting them elsewhere would be prudent.

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