Bring Back the White Man!
Posted on: 10/02/2017 07:04 AM

It bears repeating that more black South Africans are killed every year by their fellow blacks than ever died at the hands of the Apartheid state.

A defense of colonialism.

The modern American college has so degraded words that they are practically meaningless. “Racism” is overused and abused. “Sexist” is making a run for second place, thanks to harridans who teach such important subjects as 17th century lesbian poetry and inclusionary hip-hop.

However, one word that still holds real negative power is “colonialism.” It is synonymous with blue-eyed devils raping and pillaging their way to financial gain. Many patriotic Americans are proud that the Revolutionary War was against a colonial power, and many lefties continue to criticize American “neo-colonial” wars in the Middle East.

Colonialism has as much popular appeal as fascism.

This is why a recent article by Portland State professor Bruce Gilley is causing such a furor. Prof. Gilley, who teaches political science, wrote an article entitled “The Case For Colonialism.” As if that weren’t bad enough, the paper appeared in the Third World Quarterly, a scholarly journal that grants the yearly Edward Said Award to the best work in the field of post-colonial studies. Edward Said was a Palestinian activist who posed as a professor. His most famous work, Orientalism, essentially blames the West for every bad thing that ever happened.

For some reason, the Third World Quarterly decided to publish “The Case for Colonialism,” which explains why colonialism has been a net good for the world, especially Africa. The response to Gilley’s article has been swift and vicious.

Bring Back the White Man!

One South African law professor called Prof. Gilley’s piece “offensive” and a form of “validation” for the “Euro-American Cathedral.” Several committee members of the journal have pushed for the removal of Gilley’s piece (a move that Gilley supports because he regrets “the pain and anger that [the article] has caused for many people”), and others even demand that Gilley be stripped of his doctorate or that he be blacklisted.

“The Case for Colonialism” is dangerous only if you have completely swallowed post-colonial dogma. Prof. Gilley’s article is nuanced, fact-filled, and brimming with common sense. The same cannot be said for the pabulum that the Third World Quarterly usually publishes.

This is how Prof. Gilley begins: “For the last 100 years, Western colonialism has had a bad name.” From here, he points out that colonialism and the Euro-American concept of “good governance” has helped millions of people who would otherwise be living in wretched poverty. “The case for Western colonialism is about rethinking the past as well as improving the future,” he writes. “It involves reaffirming the primacy of human lives, universal values, and shared responsibilities.”

Prof. Gilley argues for more than just historical reevaluation. He proposes that Western nations reestablish colonies:

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