Between a Nazi Punch and a #MuslimBan
Posted on: 01/29/2017 03:02 AM

To be called a Nazi ... is the modern way of saying white – by the left.

by Mike Cernovich

Political violence has been normalized in the U.S. by none other than Carlos Slims’ bloggers at the New York Times. You may punch a Nazi, and of course Nazi has been applied to everyone to the right of Stalin, including yours truly. My own image has been passed around among the same people who sucker punched Richard Spencer. They’ve said I’m next, although they may be surprised to learn you won’t find me cam whoring with the media, unaware of my surroundings. (I generally Periscope with a hard-hitter nearby pulling security.)

On the other end are members of my own family. My wife is Persian, and her family in Canada and Italy are now included in the travel ban. Although Saudi Arabia funds terrorism (and FoxNews and Twitter and Apple and many venture capital funds), travel to and from the U.S. by Persians is prohibited by the travel ban. Visa holders from Saudi Arabia remain free to plot another 9/11.

Between a Nazi Punch and a #MuslimBan

Where were the calls for peace from those virtue signalling in #MuslimBan? Political violence is here in America, and it will only increase. The violence is not coming from my side. It’s coming from the left.

The #MuslimBan has little to do with Muslims and more to do with the hatred many have for American whites.

In the best book about the election and rise of Trump, I mentioned Muslim and Islam rarely. White is mentioned several times.

America has been welcoming, taking in tens of millions of refugees from war-torn nations. As part of this trade, we’ve seen ourselves called hateful by those whose families we saved.

My grandfather fought in WWII against Nazis. His reward is to be called a Nazi – which is the modern way of saying white – by the left.

If people are serious about uniting rather than dividing, there are two steps to take:

Stop calling people Nazis.
Stop hating white people.

As the sucker punch of Richard Spencer showed, calling someone a Nazi is not a loose insult. It’s an incitement of violence. Spencer himself isn’t even a Nazi, and there may be a few dozen at most in the U.S.

Similarly, racism and bigotry against whites is back firing. For decades people have said, “White are garbage.” College professors have openly called for a “white genocide.” Hashtags like #KillAllWhiteMen are shared gleefully.

If people keep telling whites that they hate them, then they shouldn’t feign outrage when the native population listens, and closes to the doors to the U.S.

The outlook for America’s future is grim. Hatred from the left will only continue, and violence will increase.

While the left wears the symbols of the Soviets, they lack their secret police. While the left has the media, the right has the guns. The U.S. is not the U.S.S.R. We will not go silently into the gulags.

People wonder why I’m so militant, and now you see why. We are in a war, and it’s one declared by the left. I am a target for violence in my own country. A domestic terrorist group even planned on putting acid in the ventilation system of the Press Club, where we hosted the Deploraball. Drew Carey’s 11-year old son committed arson outside of the event.

I am not without compassion, as these issues people protest against today impact my own family. Yet my own physical safety is an issue impacting my family, as the left has seen fit to make me a target for domestic terrorists.

America is going through an awakening. A negotiation requires give-and-take from both sides. Those who expect unilateral capitulation in the name of “compassion” are in for a rough eight years. Those who incite violence against us are going to find themselves receiving a few (legal) surprises of their own.

Perhaps it’s too late for a call for peace, and perhaps it’s hopeless to seek peace against the feral left, who has declared war.

The violence is not coming from both sides. It’s coming from the left. This travel ban, while flawed in many ways, is one of the first legal steps coming from the New Right in response. There will be more.

Those who care about peace can make peace. Those on the left who want war will find themselves getting more than bargained for.

To understand more about the direction America is heading, read MAGA Mindset, because it explains the cultural trends empowering Trump.

P.S. I talked about these issues in depth (Here).

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