Anti-White Hatred in New Hampshire
Posted on: 08/10/2018 03:23 PM

by John Young

If there is one thing the globalist-corporatist-leftist Axis of Evil cannot abide, it is European-Americans living together, minding their own business, and wishing to be left alone. There could be numerous reasons for this, some are probably as simple as Aesop's admonition that "misery loves company." But, more broadly, democratic party strategists have openly admitted that they favor bringing as many non-European people as possible into such areas for the very specific purpose of turning those areas "blue." It is well-known and well-documented that there are very reliable and predictable ethnic voting patterns, so turning an area "blue" means making it less white.

This is, of course, hatred of the highest order because it demonstrates an absolute and unapologetic intention to deny the European-Americans in those areas the political representation they believe represents their values and interests. It is hypocritical to acknowledge that all other ethnic groups -- African Americans, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, etc. -- have unique and important ethnic political interests, but to deny the pursuit of the same sorts of interests to European-Americans.

Can you imagine someone going into an African-American area, complete with a corporation, a committee and public utility provided funding to turn the area "red" by inundating the area with European-Americans who would predictably vote a certain way? It would be obvious to even the most dense observer that the intention would be to deny African-Americans political representation concurrent with their interests.

But this is exactly what is happening in New Hampshire. Although New Hampshire has been narrowly "blue" in the past couple of elections, those elections were quite close, only being decided by a few thousand votes. And those votes can be easily accounted for by large numbers of out-of-state college student liberal activists and people being bussed in to take advantage of "same day voter registration" using out of state credentials based on (never verified) statements that they plan to live in the state. So, basically, New Hampshire is pretty close to the edge, and it only votes "blue" due to voter fraud. Because this sort of thing has come under scrutiny, organized leftists and public monopolies as well as state workers (with an interest in using government as a sinecure) have come together decrying that NH is "too white."

Just on the face of it, consider that New Hampshire is in a place called New England. It is natural that, just like England at the time of the state's colonization, it would be white. Can you imagine going to Japan and declaring the country was too Japanese? Or to Israel and declaring that the country was too Jewish and needed some "diversity" so that ethnic Jewish political interests could be violated? Everyone would see that as hate. And it is just as hateful and evil when European-Americans are the target.

Rather than relying on offering something that white people want in sufficient numbers, or rather than making persuasive arguments, since the globalist-corporatist-leftist Axis of Evil is not content with the way white people in New Hampshire are voting, it is making efforts to displace and replace them. Instead of people electing a new government, it is a case of government cooperating to "elect a new people." This is especially a problem of hatred since the National Crime Victim Survey has repeatedly demonstrated that "diversity" brings violence and crime. It is no mistake that New Hampshire at 94% white has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, despite allowing anyone over 21 who wants to ... to carry a firearm with no license, and to have magazines of unlimited capacity for their modern sporting rifles. Head a bit further South to New Jersey with super-tight gun control and look at the crime rate -- the only difference is demography.

People may wish to deny this, but it is a very real phenomenon. So what this Axis of Evil is looking to impose upon the people of New Hampshire is not merely "diversity," but also an aggregate increased risk of violent crime and a lower quality of life. Just like happened in Lewiston, ME. Although all the newspapers in the State of Maine are owned by one person who cooperates with the Axis of Evil to cover up what is happening there, the violent crime rate in Lewiston is now 50% higher than that of the rest of Maine, and your odds of being the victim of a property crime such as burglary are 25% higher than the rest of the state. This is a serious quality-of-life issue.

And it goes beyond just that.

As studies by Robert Putnam have revealed, the more "diverse" an area becomes, the less people trust each other, even people of the same ethnicity as themselves, the less social cohesion in the area and the less people are willing to socially invest in their communities. Diversity (I mean *ethnic* diversity not just "less white" -- it could apply just as well to a situation where a bunch of Chinese move into a formerly African-American neighborhood) turns a community from a place where kids get to play outside and doors are left unlocked into a place where nobody talks to their neighbors. It converts a neighborhood from a place where the residents voluntarily contribute their sweat and money to its beautification into a place where all such efforts must be done by taxing people against their will to pay a stranger to do it.

This is reality. "Diversity" of the type favored by the Axis of Evil makes nothing stronger or more resilient. Instead it leads to fractured communities, some of whom may unite in a "coalition of the aggrieved" under a leftist banner for political purposes, but otherwise form no community at all. Though this certainly serves a political purpose quite well, to deliberately do this to a community is a profound act of hatred and even violence.

These things are never an accident, and they never happen out of the blue. There is always substantial coordination between numerous self-interested parties who couldn't care less that the people in New Hampshire are obviously happy as they are. If they wanted to live in a less white area such as where I live in Sacramento, they would simply MOVE. But they haven't. After all, half of them work in Massachusetts anyway, so if they wanted to live among "diversity" in a majority non-white city such as Boston, they'd move there instead of leaving it behind them when they left work.

And so now the globalist-corporatist-leftist Axis of Evil has swung into action. Kicking off the festivities was an article in no lesser a publication than the New York Times (1), lamenting that people of other races who choose of their own free will to move to New Hampshire don't have a ready-made ethnic community to their liking. Because, unlike every other ethnicity on the planet, people of European derivation cannot be allowed to have anyplace of their own. Why we are so uniquely hated, even by globalist-corporatist-leftists who share our ethnicity, is a subject for another day. But the New York Times has made their position on the matter incredibly clear by deliberately hiring Sarah Jeong as an editor responsible for conveying their values. Sarah Jeong has a long and demonstrable history of holding white people, including helpless old women who just happen to have been born white, in extreme contempt. Her hatred of white people is undisguised, and she quite literally champions our extinction. She is a perfect exponent of the globalist-corporatist-leftist Axis of Evil: "if white people won't vote the way we tell them to, then they should be made extinct."

Following up the white exterminationists at the New York Times, a handful of Orwellian-named "non-governmental organizations" such as "Welcoming New Hampshire," and "New Hampshire Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees" -- both of which are actually run out of Massachusetts -- along with the "Diversity Workforce Coalition" have made their presence known. Though it will take a while to track down all of the funding for these shadowy organizations, it turns out that the region's electric supplier, Eversource, who charges some of the highest rates in the country and is guaranteed profits by state regulators, contributes major funding, on the order of millions of dollars.

There is a certain bitter irony to this. Doing a bit of digging, Eversource is a new company that took over for the prior electric provider in the area, Public Service of New Hampshire. And they have had a very cozy relationship with state regulators. When they took over a couple of years ago, not only were they able to jack electric rates to some of the highest in the country, but they won the ability to turn off people's electricity in the dead of winter if they owed more than $250. They went through their records and forced any customer who had paid late to pony up a deposit of hundreds of dollars, and gained the power to turn off the electricity of anyone who didn't pay the deposit, even if their current bill was up to date. In other words, in a place with life-threatening cold, they treat the people they serve in the state like snidely whiplash on steroids. Just for fun, I typed "I hate eversource" into Google. Yikes!

And then they give the money they derive this way to organizations dedicated to the literal replacement of their customers. This is called EVIL.

For corporations to fund such efforts either directly or indirectly is not surprising. Maybe 100 years ago, leftists and corporations were in opposition. But today, any such opposition is something they put on as a show for a credulous public. Corporations make liberal use of socialism by using the benefits of social services to provide for employees they pay insufficiently. After they are already established in business, they call for regulations that will erect barriers to entry for competitors. They love immigration in all forms as a force to lower wages -- which for working people have been stagnant for half a century. But they especially love illegal immigration and H1 workers, as these people can be underpaid, worked under conditions that are illegal etc. without any fear of reprisal because their virtual slaves have no legal recourse. You can see this abundantly documented in the agricultural business where, to this day, we have literal slaves working in the fields who will be shot if they try to run away.(2) Leftists have done little about this, because now they are funded by the very corporations they purport to oppose.

The depths of their insanity (or evil) were demonstrated recently when a mob of leftists showed up to oppose ICE shutting a child sex slavery ring.(3)

Of course, a wide range of other individuals working for regulated industries (such as insurance) and charities such as Easter Seals and the United Way are involved. Don't let the term "charity" mislead you. The president of the United Way, which provides a lot of the funding for these efforts, raked in a cool $1.2M last year. Personally. I guess if you are going to hatefully destroy a European-American community, you might as well get filthy rich in the process.

And speaking of money ... one of the largest supporters of these efforts is New Hampshire Catholic Charities. Again, the concept of "charity" is a legalistic definition that doesn't demonstrate the reality. This is not a case where a bunch of devout Catholics are going without shoes so poor immigrants don't starve. In fact, despite the much-lauded "separation of church and state" championed by the left to keep all mention of Christianity out of schools, the Catholic Church, as of 2015, had collected an astonishing $1.6 BILLION from the federal government -- that is, YOUR tax dollars -- for assisting refugees.(4) Basically, NH Catholic Charities is more a branch of government, since that's where it gets its funding, than of a church. Just as with the United Way, if you are going to destroy the character of a community, you should get paid well for doing it while you're here on earth. What your Heavenly Father would pay would be more along the lines of "the wages of sin."

Naturally, everything runs on politics and especially Republicans who are more fearful of being called a "racist" (a word that doesn't exist in my 1957 unabridged dictionary) than death itself, will stand in line to endorse and fund any and all efforts to demographically replace their own voting base with people who will never vote for them. Masochism, they name is Republican. So the state's narrowly elected Republican governor who will be unelected if this effort is successful, has of course supported the effort, along with a hodge-podge of state employees who can only personally benefit from a government whose growth in scope, power and expense will ensure their pensions.

New Hampshire seems unique in having neither an income nor a sales tax. But I am quite sure that as the price of "diversity" gets paid in the form of lower voluntary community investment, decreased trust, increased crime, increased costs for education and social services ... and these get matched with a demographic that would reliably vote left even if it were Satan himself laughingly putting a "D" after his name, these unique aspects of the state will become impossible to maintain. Of course, that's the whole point, isn't it?

New Hampshire Nationalists has a nice website where those participating in the coalition to make New hampshire less white are fully cataloged. I would judge that most of the people listed have a very compelling interest in "diversity" because they are literally PAID to advocate for it, so it makes little sense to contact them. Recent articles in the leftist blogosphere are, in fact, interpret even the most polite contact with those people as "threatening."

You know, if I were to do something horrible to you, and you were to get in touch with me saying "I know who you are, and I know you did something horrible to me," I guess I could see that as threatening. Because even if no retribution was threatened, I would fear it because I would know that my behavior merited punishment of some sort. The OBVIOUS solution to a rational person is to not commit an injustice against someone else, and that way there is no reason to interpret even polite communication from your victim as threatening. But members of the globalist-corporatist-leftist Axis of Evil are not rational in the same way you or I might be. So it is best to leave them be.

Instead, if you want to get in touch with someone, I'd encourage you to contact Governor Sununu.

Robert Heinlein aptly noted in Lazarus Long's Notebook that you can't appeal to someone's good will, because they might not have one. Instead, appeal to his self-interest, because you can guarantee he has self-interest.

The current Republican governor of that state was elected by a very narrow margin. Very narrow. Demography absolutely predicts voting behavior for everyone BUT European-Americans. (Although as we are increasingly being attacked simply for being white, we are starting to become more like other groups in developing an explicit ethnic awareness we never had before.) Remind the governor of the situation with out-of-state voting there. Remind him that exit polls show clear ethnic voting trends. Remind him that it is the PEOPLE that make his state so unique. And ask him to resist the deliberate efforts to make his state less white. Remind him that past records can reliably predict future events, and though individuals may vary, as a whole POC have never in the past 100 years voted Republican. Be polite, be professional. The man is the governor of a state and literally the commander-in-chief of a national guard. But remind him of his own self-interest that if he wants to stay that way and not pull the ladder up behind him for other republicans, he needs to do the right things.

Here is a model that you can feel free to change so long as you keep it polite:

Dear Governor Sununu,

Congratulations on being the only statewide Republican candidate who won in the last election! Given the "same day" registrations and college students from out of state, it was a real close one!

New Hampshire has a very special culture. Low taxes, abundant freedom, one of the highest incomes in the country, high voluntarism and low crime. But there's nothing magical about the dirt there. It's the people of the state, the demography, that makes it that way. If you change the people, if you change the demography, you will also change that special culture.

Demography also has meaning in elections, especially very narrow ones. Anyone who reads exit poll data understands that when it comes to elections, certain demographics can be predicted very accurately to vote a certain way. Especially in NH with such narrow margins, even just a couple of thousand people deliberately placed there for "diversity" could make you the last ever republican governor in that state.

Please let me urge you to resist having government assist these racist efforts aided by the NY Times. Nobody goes to Japan and declares it is "too Japanese." Nor is New Hampshire "too white." There is nothing wrong with someone being born what they are, even if it is a politically incorrect skin color.

While I am at it, it is disturbing to discover that a regulated public utility like Eversource can take its profits guaranteed by the state and invest them in literally changing the people and culture of the state. That money is taken from rate payers who have no choice in subsidizing their own displacement. If they have so much money left over, they should be decreasing their rates.

Sincerely yours,

John Q. Public


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