Anti-Racist From Sudan Culturally Enriches White Church by Shooting its Members
Posted on: 09/25/2017 04:26 AM

by John Young

Because this story contradicts the narratives of our globalist overseers, it will quickly fall down the memory hole.

Emanuel Kidega Samson, a 25 year old immigrant from Sudan, opened fire today in a Tennessee church attended by white people. One member has perished from the attack, and seven were wounded. The attack was stopped when a member, exercising his 2nd Amendment rights, went out to his car and got a firearm that he used to hold Samson until police could arrive. That might be the only reason anyone survived.

An ardent so-called "anti-racist," Samson repeatedly railed against "white extremism" in his Facebook posts, defended the imposition of Sharia law, and argued vehemently that the thug in power in Zimbabwe was doing the right thing with the systematic genocide and dispossession of the white population of that country. He repeatedly referred to Africa as his "motherland."

As conservatives often say, ideas have consequences. The far left in this country propagates a lot of false information that fuels sick minds and radicalizes them. A common meme is the idea that cops are hunting down and killing black people just for fun -- which is statistically not even close to true. Another is that (average) economic differences between blacks and whites in America are due to oppression by white people -- which is a ridiculous and unprovable concept given that most sane white people are too busy avoiding black people to oppress them.

But these ideas, intended mainly for psychological warfare have been gobbled up and taken seriously by a number of killers -- with Samson as the most recent example.

Men, women and children peacefully worshiping on a Sunday morning have had their lives altered forever -- not because "diversity is strength" -- but because diversity is death. Remember: "anti-racist" is a code word for "anti-white."

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