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    Archive for 08/2011
  • Pat Buchanan: Blacks ‘Inordinately Overrepresented’ as Federal Civil Servants
  • The Racial Violence that Dare Not Speak Its Name
  • The Honesty of Hate
  • 'It's Free to Swipe Yo EBT'
  • Teen Admits Attacking Couple To Teach 'Racists A Lesson'
  • 'Racial Slur' Charge May Lead to Life In Prison
  • Underwear Bomber Confirms Why Muslims Shouldn't Live in West
  • Irene: An Exercise in Government Control
  • White Wisdom: When The Moment Arrives
  • Then Katrina Came
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Weird: Revising History
  • Obama Creates Office Of Diversity, Inclusion
  • MLK's Daughter: "Lincoln Signed The Declaration of Independence
  • A Gulag Called Multiculturalism
  • 4 Charged in 'Brutal' City Rape (Last) Tuesday
  • Ron Paul Soars to 10-Point Lead Over Obama
  • The Inevitable
  • Obama's Race-Based Spoils System
  • Minority Babies Almost the Majority
  • Fisking The Left's Victimhood
  • White Flash Mob Hits Copenhagen
  • White Wisdom: Capitalism and Marxism
  • Elizabeth Wright Dies
  • White Wisdom: Television
  • Ron Paul Leaps Past Bachmann in Latest Poll
  • Driving Miss Ditzy: The Political Cesspool Reviews “The Help”
  • Tensions Rise as Latinos Feel Under Siege in America's Deep South
  • White Wisdom: Century of Blood and Iron
  • A Bright Future Is Coming With A Ron Paul Presidency
  • Diversity Comes to China
  • New Video Shows Black Females Attacking Lone White Woman
  • Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not
  • American 'Art Walk' Cancelled by Black Mobs
  • DHS Depicts White Conservative-Looking Americans As Bomb-Planting Terrorists
  • Treason
  • Nivea Pulls Ad, Apologizes After Racism Accusations
  • On The Brink of Revolution?
  • Executive Order to Push Agencies on Diversity
  • Rising Interest in European History in Heavy Metal Music.
  • UK: Immigration Officials' Home Taken Over By Gypsys While Away
  • Parents Fight Hard to Enroll Children in Diversity Government School
  • European Concerns Over Muslim Immigration Go Mainstream
  • The Trouble With Blacks
  • Mayor Nutter Spoke the Truth About Race
  • Flash Mob Racism
  • ‘Counter-Jihad’ Fake Nationalism
  • Clayton County Food Stamp Snafu Angers Many
  • Video: Media Manipulation Out In The Open
  • Frank Roman: Iowa Straw Poll
  • White Nationalists as the New Queers
  • FBI Targets Prepared Citizens
  • Britain's Liberal Intelligentsia Has Destroyed a Nation
  • Sipsey Street Irregulars: Open Letter to the Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • London: English Defense League, BNP, Not Welcomed By Police or Rioters
  • London: Some Brits are Downright ANGRY
  • Questions Over Whether 'Flash Mob' Attacks in U.S. Cities Motivated by Race
  • There, in Black and White
  • Senate Says Good News Coming Soon for Undocumented Students
  • 'Race Hate' Gang in Temple Bar Orgy of Violence
  • Who's Really Downgrading America?
  • UK PM Recalls Parliament For London Riot Crisis
  • ARE Americans Practicing Communism?
  • Court Tells Hawaii Officials to Explain Obama's Birth Records
  • Britain: Equality Watchdog Should Be Abolished, Think Tank Says
  • Obama Has Done his Job Well: USA All But Destroyed
  • Europe and Islam
  • Self Hate on Steroids
  • Black Flash Mob Attacks White Fair-Goers
  • Even Well Meaning White People Are Racists (How To Hate Yourself)
  • North London: Blacks Riot, Burn City Over Police Shooting
  • London: White Schoolboy Murdered by Black Gang in Broad Daylight
  • Are Flash Mobs Abrogating the Treaty?
  • Could It Be…. Racism?
  • The Truth About Violent Flash Mobs
  • Have You Heard of the New 'Super Congress?'
  • White Wisdom: Robert E. Lee
  • Obama’s La Raza Lies
  • 'Asylum Seekers' Riot in Bari Italy
  • Misleading Words
  • White Catholic School Principal Fired For 'Ties' To 'White Supremacists'
  • The New Spiderman: Half Black, Half Mestizo, Possibly Gay
  • War, Debt and the President
  • To Hell With You People
  • Norwegian Parliament Member Condems Multi-Culturaliam
  • Bulgarians 'Intolerant" of Islam
  • Iran Refuses to Bend
  • Have You Comitted a "Like" Crime?
  • Islamic Emirate Project: Sharia Law For All of Europe
  • Why We Support Ron Paul

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