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    Archive for 07/2011
  • Federal Agents Raid Virginia Institution That Draws Many Students From India
  • Who 'Owns' The Media?
  • Terror Plotter Naser Jason Abdo Is Put-Upon Victim of Islamophobia
  • ICE Agents Warn Americans...
  • Breivik’s “The Great Satan, His Cult and The Jews”
  • The Stark Truth: Interview with “Iranian for Aryans”
  • 'Braindead' West Wants Jihadists to Rule Libya
  • Rep. Maxine Waters Pimps Black Racial Politics
  • Norways' Tragedy Foretold
  • A Fire Bell in the Night for Norway
  • Concealed Carry Permit May Not Protect You From Hothead Cops
  • Interracial Divorce, the Matrix of Sex & Race
  • 'Radical' Nationalists Rising Up In Europe
  • Brain Dead 101: How to Avoid Racial Reality
  • Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas
  • March 23, 2010: United States-Mexico Partnership: A New Border Vision
  • Europe: A Potential Forecast
  • Oslo Attacks Fuel Anti-West, Leftist Hate
  • Oslo Norway's Rape Crisis
  • 90% Black Farms Failing In South Africa
  • Black Dancers Beat Up Waitress Over Check Splitting
  • 10 Wounded As Gunfire Erupts at (Mexican) Kent Car Show
  • White Wisdom: Why They Hate Us
  • Out of Control City Council and Police Chief in Jasper, TX
  • Japan: Foreigners Out
  • The Norway Attack—and Us
  • Sheriff: Man Nearly Decapitated Dog
  • White Wisdom: Major General Smedley Butler, and The Bankers' Wars
  • Norwegian Prime Suspect in Terrorist Attack
  • McDonald's Manager Fired After Striking Customer
  • Activist's Letter to The Editor Reveals Truth About 'Diversity'
  • Video: Homeland Security Depicts White Americans as Todays' Terrorists
  • Norway: Bomb Rocks Government Offices
  • White Wisdom
  • The Racist Drug Test
  • GOP Politician Wants ‘South California’ to Secede
  • America's Magic Mountain
  • Bachmann: Divert Black Farmer Money to Flood Victims
  • Prague: Banned Extremist Party Returns in Disguise
  • Tear Gas Fired in Australian Immigration Riots
  • 2001: Were Blacks Better Off Under Apartheid?
  • Genetics Suggest that Non-Africans are Part Neanderthal
  • The Bell Tolls For Thee, Dollar
  • Ron Paul CAN Beat Obama in 2012
  • New York Gay Marriage: Follow The (Jewish) Money
  • Great Britain: Muslims Continue to Reject Democracy and Integration
  • Default Now Is Better Than Hurting Obama’s Re-Election
  • "Suck It Up and Cope"
  • The Rebirth of Nations
  • ANC Supporting, White Academic Boer Gets a Beatdown
  • Illegal Immigration Alone Costs US $113 Billion a Year
  • Child's Grisly Murder Shocks Jewish Brooklyn Neighborhood
  • Government Blocks the Dissemination of European Traits
  • White South Africans Take Up Paramilitary Training
  • Investigation Reveals Numerous Bogus Claims on Obama Resume
  • 1971: Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali KO's a Multi-Culti Moron. Pass It On.
  • Censored Race of Attackers on White Victims--Again
  • Obama: Debt-Limit Impasse Could Halt Social Security Checks
  • The Sword That Cuts One Way
  • Promoting Unnatural Couplings
  • Tidbits You Ought to Know About
  • Jesse Jackson and The Death of the Swedish People
  • 10 Reasons I'm Cancelling My Credit Cards
  • $outhern Poverty Law Center (and Other Whiners) Sue to Block AL Immigration Law
  • La Raza, Obama Push Free Money Give Away to Mexicans
  • An Establishment in Panic
  • Georgia Schools Fix Exam Results in Search of ‘Equality’
  • Georgia Prepares to Fight Federal Ruling Blocking Immigration Law
  • Republican Freshmen Say ‘No’ to Obama’s Recess Appointments
  • 'White Supremacist' Stampede
  • Born to Consume
  • White-Hating Mexican Vents His Bile
  • Fourth of July Musings
  • Was American Independence an Improvement?
  • Glitter Imperialism
  • Concealed Carry in Action
  • Mexicans Lose Big in Maryland
  • Let's Hear it For Prejudice
  • We Told You So: Latinos Push for (More) Political Influence
  • O'Reilly Factor on Violent Black Mob Attacks Across America
  • The High Price Today of Immigration Reform in 1965

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